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 Got Banned? Come here

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PostSubject: Got Banned? Come here   3rd September 2010, 7:31 pm

Hello Banned Players! This Section is Dedicated To Help You Getting Unbanned.

If you got banned, and would like to be unbanned, you must:
-Tell Why you have been banned;
-Tell Who Banned You (Vote or Admin);
-Tell What happen/What you did (if it was a Vote);
-Tell The name of the admin that banned you (if it was an Admin);
-Tell Why should we unban you;
-Send A picture of your ban( By Preference);

Please Note That:
*If you were hacking (health/armor hacks, weapon hacks, air-break, flying vehicles, etc) we will MAYBE give you a chance to get unbanned, and let you
once again play on the server. If you get caught hacking again, you'll permanently be banned from our server.
*Getting Unbanned can be long to be realised, Due to Multiple Reasons
*We will investigate your ban reason with our admin staff, to see if they did their job correctly
*We will investigate the chat log and see if it's alright before proceeding to your unban
*If you got banned with a vote, we will look to see if your ban was fair or not
*Then We will maybe unban you, depending on what you did and in the circonstances
*If you give not enough info about your ban, there is poor chances we unban you


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Got Banned? Come here
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